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Lightning Policy


Please refer to the following UIL link for more information:


“Lightning may be the most frequently encountered severe storm endangering physically active people each year.”


In the event that the skies turn gray with the possibility of lightning or a severe thunderstorm, Groesbeck ISD has 2 sky scanner lightning detectors that detect lightning up to 40 miles away. The athletic trainers and/or coach’s will actively monitor the skies and if the lighting is less than 8 miles away we will immediately send all athletes and personnel to the safest possible shelter.


In the event that a lightning monitor is not available we will follow the flash-to-bang method. Once you see the lightning, count down from 30 seconds. If you hear the bang before that time elapses, it is time to head indoors.


We will then postpone or suspend the activity for 30 minutes or until the all clear has been made.

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